Monday, January 14, 2013

Geraniums in jam jar - PAINTING

I have been painting a lot of fruit lately because my roses are out of season but I was able to find these pretty geraniums in my garden.  I enjoyed painting them but I can wait until spring when my roses bloom again and I get to paint them.  I like the simple jam jar that they are in.  You can see the leaves in the water and the simplicity of the jar fits the simplicity of the flowers. ;o)


  1. I love your painting, so beautiful. It is cold, wet, and dreary here. I hope we get some sun this week to brighten things up. So wonderful you have colour and flowers in Jan. Enjoy your week. Patty/BC

    1. Thank you, Yes it is cold and wet and rainy here is So. Calif. but my geraniums bloom on and on....;o)